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Sites in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane are being considered for the first SUV community. We welcome additional suggestions and requests from anywhere in Australia and beyond.

Land Owners

If you have a substantial piece of land within 15 kilometres of a local city centre and/or your direct neighbours are interested in this concept - please do get in touch. We'll contact you shortly if it is in an Australian capital city. If you're in another region, we'll be in touch once there is sufficient demand.

Please provide a brief description via the Register Your Interest link above.

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Prospective Residents

Once final analysis and negotiations regarding our first sites are concluded, we will announce the exact locations. As would be expected, the sites are readily accessible by public transport.

We are interested to hear from you and your preferences for future Smart Urban Village sites, so we can meet demand for this innovative model of community development in the areas it's most requested.

Once sites have been finalised, we will notify all supporters, newsletter subscribers and those that have registered an interest. We will add links to site specific communities to this page. Each site will have their own website and community portal for residents. We have simply added placeholders below for now.

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