Better Living by Design

A fix to the housing crisis

New report by PricewaterhouseCoopers highlights the need for the kinds of innovative thinking in housing models that Smart Urban Villages was formed to address:

"If we get densification right, we have the opportunity to address both housing affordability and what's referred to as the 'missing middle', a diverse array of housing options to meet the needs of a diverse community... "If we don't act quickly on the problem of housing affordability, and rental affordability in particular, Sydney will face an exodus of our city shapers and key workers — nurses, police, firefighters, teachers and early childhood educators, social workers; the people who keep our city running — who can no longer afford to live near where they work … With affordable housing out of reach for many young people, where will the social, elderly care and early childhood workers of the future come from? How will businesses find qualified people to work in critical support roles?""